Philip St Baker

Lead Investor

Phil is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a track record in creating and building multiple billion-dollar enterprises and managing a substantial personal investment fund.

Most recently Phil was Co-founder and first Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of NOVONIX Limited which trades on the ASX under ticker code NVX.

From 2015 Phil lead the company transformation from aspiring graphite exploration company with a market capitalisation of less than $10 million to an internationally recognised battery technology and materials company (renamed NOVONIX Limited in 2017) with a market capitalisation today above $4 billion.

Over eight years as MD & CEO Phil played a leadership role in the expansion, diversification, and revenue growth from $10 million to over $3 billion with ERM Power being rated as the fastest growing energy company in Australia and ranked number one for customer satisfaction in the Utility Market Intelligence (UMI) Survey for eight consecutive years.