Leon Worsley

Senior Design Manager and Design Lead

Leon is the Senior Design Manager and Design Lead at NAVIQ Group. At his core, he's a designer, driven by turning visions into tangible realities. Over the last two decades, Leon has sharpened his expertise in design, manufacturing, and construction. His portfolio spans across high rises, public specialty buildings, universities, hospitals, stadiums, defence, and renewables, reflecting his multifaceted expertise.


In Leon's domain, creativity and boundaries intertwine with technology and individuality, creating a harmony of teamwork and innovation. He views every project as a fresh challenge, a chance to question the norm and reinvent the conceivable. He is resolute in his belief that the finest designs go beyond aesthetics; they must also be functional, secure, and enduring.


Outside of his professional sphere, Leon is often found exploring the world around him, drawing inspiration from everything, be it nature, architectural wonders, or artistic masterpieces. Born and raised in the countryside, Leon's most profound insights often strike him when he's amidst nature, far from daily distractions. He is a staunch advocate for perpetual education, constantly seeking novel ideas and viewpoints.


Becoming a part of NAVIQ Group, to Leon, is akin to entering a new realm—a space where the destiny of design, manufacturing, and construction converges. The anticipation of being a part of this evolutionary path thrills him, and he looks forward with eagerness to where their combined creativity will guide them.


So, for those who share Leon's passion for design and groundbreaking approaches, he encourages connections. Please reach out and together sculpt a future, one design at a time.