Brenton Garside

Project Manager

Brenton brings over 13 years of diverse experience in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology to the table, having navigated the complexities of the Mining, Civil Construction, and Engineering Consultancy sectors with proven success. His journey began with a strong academic foundation, consisting of a B.Sc. in Geology and an MBA (Advanced), which equipped him with the technical knowledge and business acumen necessary to excel in his field. He further honed his expertise through specialised training in Above Ground and Underground Geomechanics, Execution and Design of Complex Slope Stabilisation methods, and Geotechnical Risk management. This comprehensive skillset allows him to confidently tackle intricate geotechnical challenges across various projects.

What truly sets Brenton apart is his ability to integrate innovative and cost-effective technologies into his projects. This forward-thinking approach ensures that he remains at the forefront of the industry, consistently delivering successful outcomes for his clients. His impressive portfolio boasts leadership in global geotechnical design and construction initiatives, encompassing a wide range of projects including Mining, Rail, Tailings, Tunnel, Road, and Coastal Infrastructure. This demonstrates his versatility and adaptability.

Brenton possesses exceptional project management and leadership skills. He excels at managing commercial and project risks, ensuring smooth operations while optimizing cost-efficiency throughout the project life cycle. Moreover, his accreditation as an IRATA Level 1 Rope Access Technician underscores his commitment to safety and his ability to navigate challenging geotechnical environments with precision and confidence.

Brenton's dedication extends beyond technical expertise; he prioritizes client relationships and fosters a culture of safety above all else. This, combined with his exceptional skills in both geotechnical engineering and project management, solidifies his position as a true leader in the field.